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Building the North - Prince George, B.C.


Winton Engineered Wood Products Division is the leading supplier of trusses, walls and floor systems in Northern BC. We have been providing high-quality components to contractors and home owners in northern British Columbia and Alberta for over 30 years. The high level of quality and service Winton Homes EWP Division provides is accomplished through the dedication of our team of qualified professionals.

We build it before you do.

We design and build the engineered wood components to your build specifications using state of the art Mitek BIM software and precision factory manufacturing.

What this means for your project is:

  • 3D structural "crash-testing" of your design
  • A complete structural review by our in-house designers
  • The ability to troubleshoot BEFORE you are on the job site
  • Pre-approval of framing at show drawing stage
  • Our prefabricated wall panels provides cost savings by:
    • Reducing high skilled on site labor
    • Reducing building time on site

Single Source Design & Supply

We are a one stop solution for the design and supply of engineered structural components, which saves you time and money.

Every one of our truss designs are reviewed and stamped with an engineer’s seal of approval. This certification stamp means that our trusses meet or exceed your local regulations and all load bearing requirements.This will save you time when the building inspector comes to your site as your trusses will already be branded with the engineer’s approval.


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