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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Winton uses Building Information Modeling (BIM). There is less risk with BIM, which will result in better building. The risk is reduced with a more coordinated team and your project will be on time and on budget.

  • Reduced Risk Following a proper process reduces the amount of rework through strong communication. There will be fewer changes, a better understanding, a safer worksite and an increase in the streamline of the construction process.
  • Coordinated Process Time and cost of the project is reduced, with fewer Change Orders and RFI’s when contractors take advantage of BIM.
  • More Deliverable With test design scenarios and energy efficiency testing, all surprises that occur with the traditional building process will be eliminated in advance.
  • Better Design Process A Building Information Model is vital to the design and construction of your building. With less time needed to coordinate, the design team will have more time in the crucial earlier design phases.
  • Better Performing Building With less rework, less waste and more work done off-site, BIM will result in a more energy efficient building process.
  • More Valuable Building When issues arise that were not anticipated, it causes value engineering. With a BIM process, there will be a digital building prototype that will resolve mistakes digitally, before they become more costly in the field.
  • Better Records If a proper Building Information Model is delivered after construction, there will be a platform to manage, plan and renovate throughout the life of your building.

We have done this before and know that the BIM process can deliver.


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