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About Us

Founded over four decades ago, Winton has transformed thousands of home purchasers into satisfied new home owners by providing precision-built packages and hands-on customer service. Our reputation has been built on integrity and personalized care. We work step-by-step with each of our clients to ensure their project receives the level of expertise and experience that only Winton can provide.

The Engineered Wood Products Division is the leading supplier of trusses, walls and floor systems in Northern BC. We have been providing high-quality components to contractors and home owners in northern British Columbia and Alberta for over 30 years. The high level of quality and service Winton Homes EWP Division provides is accomplished through the dedication of our team of qualified professionals

Winton EWP is part of Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd., a privately held integrated forest products company comprising of:

Apollo Forest Products – Fort St. James BC

Apollo also has a partnership agreement with the Nak’azdli First Nation and has been in operation since 1969. Apollo produces a variety of high quality studs up to a maximum length of 9 feet.

L&M/Nechako Lumber Co. – Vanderhoof BC

With over 25 years of forest industry experience, L&M Lumber and Nechako Lumber produce high-quality studs for domestic and export markets, as well as a variety of board stock. Known in the international forest industry for consistent ability to balance with economic growth with long-term forest stewardship, they are able to produce high quality wood products. These products are shipped within Canada and are also exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Lakeland Mills – Prince George BC

Lakeland’s primary products are premium grade, precision end-trimmed kiln dried 2x4 studs, as well as 2x6 and 2x3 studs, and1x3 and 1x4 board stock. After a devastating and tragic fire in April 2012, Sinclar is proudly rebuilding the Lakeland Mill.

Premium Pellet – Vanderhoof BC

The plant produces 140,000 tonnes of pellets from white wood waste (sawdust, shavings and fines) with raw material from Nechako Lumber Ltd., L&M Lumber Ltd., and other sources in the region. These pellet products are primarily exported to Europe.

Winton Homes Ltd – Homes & Cottages - Prince George BC

Winton Homes Ltd has over 30 years experience as one of British Columbia’s leaders in building quality pre-manufactured homes and cottages. We also produce engineered housing and building components such as roof trusses and floor systems


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